The application of Open Innovation policies means Mori 2A chooses to work in continuous partnership with various professionals in order to identify and select new wide-ranging technologies.

The dialogue and exchange between external specialists and in-house Mori 2A technicians stimulates the evolution of internal technologies and processes, contributing in a structured manner to the introduction of young entrepreneurs to the Italian panorama.

With the acquisition of special stainless steel processing systems and equipment, Mori 2A is today even better organised for the totally independent production of food containers, tubs, sinks and accessories for delicatessens, ice cream parlours and restaurants.

Technological evolution that ensures the flexible, agile and smart management of the internal production cycle, from design and prototyping to storage of the finished product from an Industry 4.0 perspective. Management software for the various production cycles enables the monitoring of raw materials and finished products, guaranteeing full traceability.




CAST Alimenti, founded in Brescia in 1997, is aimed to young people and established professionals as well, providing great Masters and the right tools to combine being, knowledge and knowhow. It is the only school in Italy to offer Professional Advanced Diploma and short term Specialization courses for all “mestieri del gusto” (culinary arts): Chef, Pastry Chef, Restaurant Pastry Chef, Baker, Gelato Maker, Pasta Maker, Chocolatier, Pizza Maker, Barman. Lessons take place in laboratories with the most advanced equipment thanks to collaborations with top companies in the food supply chain.

Teaching staff is made up of professionals of the trade and highly qualified great masters, in step with the times and with the market trends.
The school is the training centre of world champions with 19 world titles: an opportunity that translates into research and development on techniques and Made in Italy products.

Founder and President, Vittorio Santoro is still the Director of the School. Among the founders of the school we have Master Iginio Massari, honorary President of the school.


The association was founded in 1952 with the aim of defending the interests of European producers of cookware, cutlery and kitchen utensils, and its members include some of the continent’s most renowned companies.

The Federation promotes cooperation between its members, to whom it provides help and support in the economic and technical spheres, thanks also to the in-depth expertise of its Senior Experts. Business Days and annual network events are effective ways of achieving this goal.

In addition to the promotion of industry-related research and development programmes, FEC represents the common interests of its members at official level with international authorities and, in particular, with the European Commission in Brussels.


Confindustria Brescia traces its roots back to 1892 when the first proposal for a statute was presented for the establishment of a Commercial Club that would act as “interpreter of the vital interests of commerce and industry in Brescia”.

Today, with more than one hundred years of history and experience, it represents and defends entrepreneurs and businesses in the area of Brescia and offers extensive external representation at political, institutional, economic, administrative and trade union level, both local and national, thanks to an integrated system of relations with the local stakeholders.

In addition to representation, Confindustria Brescia assists and protects the interests of companies in many areas such as, among others, relations with trade unions, social protection, taxation and environment through an important and qualified professional structure with a wide range of services and facilities available.

Finally, the structure of Confindustria Brescia is strengthened by ASSOSERVIZI, a limited liability company with Confindustria Brescia as its sole shareholder which, in addition to developing a series of activities functional to the life of the association and managing part of the properties of the Confindustria Brescia System, provides services to individual member companies for a fee.


Centro Inox Servizi S.r.l. was founded with the aim of integrating some activities already carried out by Centro Inox (Italian Association for the development of stainless steels). In particular, its aim is to increase the assistance, consultancy and training service, getting closer and closer to the needs of processors and end users who require in-depth information on stainless steels and superalloys.

Centro Inox Servizi S.r.l. is at the disposal of companies and freelance professionals, with the possibility of providing, against payment, the following services:
-specific “tailor-made” consultancy on various topics such as, for example: choice of the type of stainless steel according to the use, mechanical and physical characteristics, corrosion resistance, identification of the causes of corrosive phenomena, mechanical processing, welding and filler materials, heat treatments, coatings and surface finishes, non-destructive tests, regulations and laws.
-Training courses and educational seminars for the training of technical or technical-commercial personnel on topics mainly of a technical nature and relating to stainless steels and superalloys.

Mori 2A Srl makes use of the network of services offered by Centro Inox Servizi Srl.