European PP and PE markets are on the verge of registering new supply-related rises in March, the fifth consecutive month of increases. The uptrend, which gained strength from January onwards, does not seem to stop its running as new triple-digit increases are expected.

Sellers are now preparing to test new highs for next month. Players expect to see increases of up to €150/mt for PP and €100/mt for PE.

According to ChemOrbis’ weekly average Price Index data, the PP and PE markets have hit new highs for the past few years.

Rising prices and increasingly limited availability. The shortage situation on the market, as already occurred in 2015, is making the supply of raw materials for companies in the sector more critical.

Unionplast raises the alarm about the scarcity of raw materials and soaring prices caused by reduced imports and Force Majeure calls. It also appeals to manufacturers to implement a development policy in Europe aimed at renewal. Finally, it called for the production sector to make every effort to protect its supply chain.

The Italian processing industry, in a still difficult period for the national and European economy, has a strong need to receive the expected quantities in order to be able to satisfy its own markets and sectors.