25 February 2021

Euronorm polypropylene trays

Ideal for a wide range of realities such as restaurants, self-services, company and school canteens, fast-food and hospitals, Euronorm trays are a practical and essential tool for all these sectors, where the intensive use is a factor that must necessarily be considered.

Mori 2A in collaboration with the designer Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà has conceived and designed Euronorm trays, flat and with handles, with innovative characteristics: an ad hoc ergonomic design has been studied allowing an easy and comfortable grip. In addition, the relief support on the bottom makes it easy to stack the trays and, at the same time, facilitates drying after washing.

The design developed emphasises not only the aesthetics of this product but also enhances its functional characteristics, bringing considerable added value over other trays on the market.

The choice of polypropylene (BPA FREE) also guarantees the tray’s lightweight, practical use, good impact resistance and excellent price-quality ratio.

Besides the different standard colours available, it is possible to order additional variants with a minimum order quantity of 300 pcs.