14 October 2020


In November 2019, data processed by the Milan Chamber of Commerce showed that the take-away is a business worth 5.5 billion euros only in Italy. During the Covid-19 emergency, the take-away catering service proved to be fundamental: a solution implemented not only to reduce waste but, above all, to comply with health safety and social distancing regulations. Measures that we will have to comply with over the next few months until the emergency is completely over.

In this moment of evolution in our sector, MORI 2A has decided to create two new containers perfectly in line with the needs of food delivery: FOODIEBOX and FOODIEBOWL. These containers made of polypropylene are strong and lightweight at the same time and are 100% recyclable. They are not disposable, but reusable: they can be washed in the dishwasher and used later in various circumstances: in the microwave (with the exception of the grill function), in the fridge or simply to store food.

In contrast to other food storage containers, ours can be stacked, allowing optimal space management. Both containers can be supplied with the relative lid: in addition to the possibility of being heat-sealed like other containers on the market, our lid is positioned under the heat-sealing film, guaranteeing greater stability against possible shocks, perfect conservation of the product and easy transport. FOODIEBOX and FOODIEBOWL are available in standard transparent, black and white versions. With a minimum order quantity you can order them in the following colors: blue, red, yellow, green, orange, purple and light blue.
The containers can also be customized using IML technology, which allows a permanent label to be molded into the product itself. The last special feature of these new containers is the QR CODE affixed on the bottom of the container: the restaurateur as well as the final consumer, by scanning the code, will be able to access a series of information related to more technical data such as the “Food Contact Declaration of Compliance” of the container. FOODIEBOX and FOODIEBOWL are adaptable to any situation: from take-away to street food, from professional to domestic kitchens.