27 July 2021

M2A Breaking News – July 2021

EU opens public consultation on nanomaterial

The European Commission (EC) announced an online targeted stakeholder consultation as part of a review of the definition of “nanomaterial” for use across all EU regulations

The introductory note for the consultation emphasizes that the “common definition of the term ‘nanomaterial’ across EU regulation supports a harmonized approach, facilitates implementation and enforcement, and can serve as the technical and scientific basis for EU legislation and policies that set provisions specific to nanomaterials. Member States are also invited to consider the definition in the Recommendation in their national legislation.” The Union legislation currently includes a few differentlegaldefinitionsoftheterm. Thesedefinitionsarealsodifferent from ‘nanomaterial’ definition set out in Recommendation 2011/696/EU. The consultation is part of the EC’s review of the ‘nanomaterial’ definition under the Recommendation 2011/696/EU.

Connecticut and Vermont ban Pfas in food packaging

New laws in Connecticut and Vermont ban the use of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in food packaging. In Connecticut, the ban becomes effective December 31, 2023, and in Vermont the effective date is July 1, 2023. Both laws define PFAS as fluorinated organic chemicals containing at least one fully fluorinated carbon atom

The Connecticut law prohibits the sale or offering for sale of any food package or packaging component to which PFAS has been intentionally introduced during manufacture or distribution. Packages and packaging components for medical devices or equipment are exempted. The law also prohibits materials used to replace any chemical that is banned from packaging or packaging components from being used in an amount or way that creates a hazard at least equal to the hazard of the banned chemical.

Vermont passed the nation’s most comprehensive legislation on PFAS. The law bans PFAS in food packaging, firefighting foam, and certain household products. With regard to food packaging, the law prohibits the sale, distribution for sale, and distribution for use of any food package to which PFAS have been intentionally added or are present in any amount.