09 November 2017

New IML lid for Ice-cream

The acronym IML (In Mold Labeling) identifies the process for labeling or decorating a plastic object through the use of custom labels which are imbedded in the wall of the product during processing. This is not about having a label ON the product, but a label IN the product.

Recently the health rules has been updated with the introduction of the EU regulations which level out the food safety requirements throughout Europe. Such regulation shall ensure a safe consumption, protecting consumers from physical, chemical and microbiological risks. The IGI (Istituto Gelato Italiano – Italian Ice-Cream Institution) self-regulation for ice-cream products establishes the principle rules to be followed during ice-cream preparation.

<< The manual of good hygiene practice and HACCP in the manufacture of ice-cream products>>, describes in detail the self-monitoring procedures to carry out during all ice-cream manufacturing phases in order to ensure compliance to the hygiene requirements prescribed by the legislation in force.

This manual deals with the following aspects: risk analysis, choice of suppliers, raw material checks, cleaning modality, allergen control and management, storage and distribution of both raw materials and finished products.

Our new lid allows to manage all the necessary information in order to help the operator in compliance with the legislative provisions.