31 August 2016

Gastronorm for high temperatures (HT) BPA FREE

Containers for high temperatures withstand temperatures from – 40°C to +150° C and can be used in each processing phase: freezers, blast chillers, microwave ovens and chafing dishes. High transparency makes them ideally suited for food stocking and, smooth surfaces facilitate the washing process.

This type of material and the thickness of HT containers guarantee a high cracking resistance. Equipped with a gradated scale according both to the metric and American system, edges for easy stacking guarantee high stackability.

Material characteristics:

  • High transparency
  • High temperature and torsion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Fulfils the requirements according to EU-Directive 90/128/EEC (Food contact)
  • Fulfils the requirements of united States Pharmacopoeia (USP 29) <88>, class VI (Biological reactivity tests, in vivo)
  • Stable in cooking water , sterilisable at steam 134° C > 200 cycles


For the washing it is recommended that detergents with neutral pH, and in any case with pH less than 11 are used. The use of strongly alkaline (pH>11) detergents or alcohol, chlorinated solvents, ammonia and the use of abrasive sponges may cause irreparable damage to the products.