06 October 2017

Silvio Mondinelli and teamwork

Silvio Mondinelli

On 12th July 2007 he became one the few climbers in the world to have reached the 14 highest peaks of the whole world without using the supplementary oxygen 

We were glad to have him as special guest during our convention where he gave his own opinion about a topic very close to Mori 2A,
the teamwork:

<< Specifically, I can say that climbing alone, in my opinion, has only disadvantages because doing something is good only when you work together with other people. The statement “I’ve done it myself” always sounds a little bit petty to me. Instead, if an objective is achieved with other people the success comes as the group has worked together in order to reach a common goal. This is the real “pro” when you work in a team: there’s much more satisfaction even if you have to respect more rules. >>

This is our way of thinking as well, and that’s the reason why our products come from the teamwork between collaborators, suppliers and customers, all sharing a common goal:
Guaranteeing the best possible product