05 April 2017

Environmental protection and new purification plant by Mori 2A

Responsibility is one of the main values ​​for our company, for this the MORI 2A  proposes to operate using an Environmental Management System, for good to protect the health of those working at Company and away you our products and the processes do not present risks to people residing in the territory and to the surrounding environment. For this reason the Company Management has implemented a policy for the environment and has promoted it at all levels.


  • Promote awareness of its employees regarding the issues related to environmental protection;
  • Promote the welfare of the community through the preservation of the environment, ensure public safety, the health and safety of workers and of the populations living in the areas affected by its activities;
  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws and cooperate with the public authorities to try to minimize the effects of the activities can bring to the surrounding area;
  • Empower staff at all levels through special training events that develop and maintain a high level of know-how;
  • Act in full compliance with the relevant regulations applicable in the field of environmental protection;
  • Assess and control the risks arising in the course of its production activities, eliminating the causes of accidents, or where this is not possible, by implementing actions to minimize their occurrence;
  • Carefully evaluate the environmental impacts that may result from its activity and its products and then take the necessary measures to mitigate or eliminate them if possible, ensuring in particular the production of atmospheric emissions, waste, noise pollution and industrial discharges