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29 May 2019
Mori 2A has recently commissioned a study based on scientific literature in order to verify the safety and suitability for microwave use of polymeric materials, with particular attention to polypropylene. Our products, as indicated by the label, are subject to limitations regarding the maximum temperatures of use for each type of polymer: PP max 80°, […]
7 May 2019
EUROPE EU PARLIAMENT BANS CERTAIN SINGLE-USE PLASTICS European Parliament agrees on measures to ban specific single-use plastics in EU by 2021, sets targets for bottle collection and recycled content, extends producer responsibility and labeling In a press release published on March 27, 2019, the European Parliament (EP) announced their approval of a new Directive that […]
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19 April 2019
Made out of stainless steel AISI 304, the new MORI2A bowls have reinforced edges that guarantee resistance to deformation; thicknesses are specifically studied in order to grant better resistance and avoid shape alterations. These containers are subjected to tumbling treatments necessary to reach the requested finishing condition, according to the aesthetic requests and to further […]
12 April 2019
MORI 2A has always offered a wide range of food containers, able to meet the needs of professionals in the foodservice sector. In this regard, we have further improved our products by adding a new and essential lid. MORI 2A polypropylene hermetic lid is manufactured through overmolding technology which guarantees excellent adhesion between the different […]
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