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18 October 2018
ITALY EXTENDS THE DEADLINES SET BY LAW N.29 / 2017 FOR FCM PRODUCERS On the 28th September 2018 the Italian regulation D.lgs.10 February 2017 has been modified, in particular the article N.6 concerning violations on Reg. (CE) n. 1935/2004, n. 1895/2005, n. 2023/2006, n. 282/2008, n. 450/2009 and n. 10/2011 for food contact materials. The […]
5 September 2018
Searching “microwave oven” on internet you can find many paradoxical and antithesis information. On one hand there are people saying that microwave ovens cause blood damage and cancer, on the other hand some are sure that microwave ovens are better than the traditional electric ones. Some affirms that microwave ovens should not be put next […]
22 June 2018
At MORI 2A we breathe not only innovation but also style and trends Have you ever thought of tasting a fresh ice cream in a cup that looks like a Moscow Mule? From the trends of the most fashionable pubs and clubs, we have decided to add an important innovation to our range of ice […]
5 June 2018
BPA, the chemical compound used both in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastic food contact materials and in thermal paper, has once again been evaluated by EFSA’s expert Panel on Food Contact Materials (CEF). CEF decided that the publication in recent years required a new, complete scientific re-evaluation of the substance: they estimated the exposure to […]
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