29 Juni 2021

Alvise Mori, CEO of Mori 2A, announces the partnership with CAST Alimenti

Sharing our values ​​with food professionals: this is the path that Mori 2A intends to strengthen more and more.“ This is how Alvise Mori, CEO of Mori 2A, announces the partnership with CAST Alimenti, a school of Italian excellence in Europe.

The company’s decision to become a partner of CAST Alimenti was taken with the aim of further expanding and qualifying training opportunities, while creating direct relationships with food and catering professionals. This new and important partnership is made official by an interview published on the CAST Alimenti website, which is reproduced here.

Mori 2A and CAST Alimenti Logos


The quality of Mori 2A: training plays a key role


For almost a century, the Mori family, founder and owner of Mori 2A company, has dedicated itself to stainless steel processing, enhancing and updating the great tradition in the sector of its town. Now run by the third generation, the company, based in Nuvolento, is positioned on the market as an international benchmark in the design and production of food containers, with a real vocation for professional solutions.

The great expertise in stainless steel processing can be found in the approach to customer needs and in the design of each proposal, while the adoption of technologically advanced lines allows to ensure precise industrial guarantees on the characteristics and reliability of the products to any type of customer and for any Ho.Re.Ca. professional.

The term „quality“ is the distinctive feature of Mori 2A, and is reflected in choices in which the concept of training also plays a fundamental role.

It should be remembered that the company’s stainless steel product lines are flanked by the processing of plastic materials, again with a Ho.Re.Ca vocation, completing the offer focused on customer needs to meet a constantly evolving market.

The desire to focus on the specialisation of the solutions, which originate from the indications of the professionals themselves, has led to the creation of an internal R&D unit which, significantly, is in constant interaction with those responsible for developing the dialogue with end users, as well as those in the distribution chain and buyers. Hence also the company’s decision to become a partner of CAST Alimenti, in order to further expand and qualify training opportunities and direct relations with food and catering professionals.

Quality as a common denominator: the CEO’s words


Alvise Mori, CEO of Mori 2A


Quality is the common denominator of our commitment,“ point out Alvise Mori, the company’s CEO, „as the basic factor of our identity on the market and as a lever, at least in our opinion, for growth in the future. My talented staff and I are convinced that our role on the market is to make ourselves known for our distinctive, qualifying values, avoiding fighting on the most negative terrain of globalisation, but also dialoguing with customers who recognise us for what we are and what we can offer.

In this regard, I would like to underline that in the field of MOCA, that is Materials and Objects in Contact with Food, the quality of the raw material is an essential requirement which must be accompanied by a meticulous and accurate control, analysis and traceability system. This is why Mori 2A carries out rigorous checks throughout the production chain right up to the finished product, thanks also to an advanced traceability system.

It is logical that in this perspective training, giving clear and comprehensible indications on the reasons that make our products distinctive or even unique on the market because particularly reliable and safe, is just as important as knowing how to make them.

Sharing our values with food professionals: this is the path that Mori 2A intends to strengthen more and more. The decision to be a partner of CAST goes precisely in this direction. We consider CAST a school of excellence, not only in Italy but in Europe.

Our production sector, even beyond our offer, deserves to be better known, precisely to be able to identify what is true quality, in materials as well as in design, which translates into both functionality and those details that can offer greater practicality and durability. Values to which, in recent years, important principles have also been added from the point of view of environmental sustainability and production ethics. It is no coincidence that more and more customers are paying attention to these two aspects, in which, as Mori 2A, we have already done a lot and in which we will continue to invest.

For a long time, our training action has been focused on the trade, the distribution chain and buyers. It is time that, while maintaining this dialogue, we added more and more initiatives aimed at the end users of our products, be they chefs, confectioners, ice cream makers and other professionals in the sector. Today we want to do this together with CAST and its important educational and relational activities. We want to, we must and we can, because the future demands it. Technological evolution and the solutions we have adopted in our company, including Industry 4.0, are very important, but they are not enough on their own.

They only acquire value when they address the concrete questions of the users of our products. That is why we want, now more than ever, to listen to professionals; their expectations and also their criticisms in order to identify and select the optimisations that are needed to make the profession more effective and also competitive by avoiding, for example, wasted time and waste. We need to be flexible, agile and resilient. We must always ask ourselves: what can I improve? It is difficult to do this alone, but if you talk to the people who use your products, it becomes easier. However, it requires mutual trust: recognising that a supplier can be a partner, as we increasingly want to be at Mori 2A.“