23 Juli 2021

Mori 2A Cares: the expectations of our stakeholders


Between March and April 2021 Mori 2A sent out a questionnaire to its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, collaborators, institutions, banks and insurance companies) with the aim of investigating which issues were perceived as the most important in relation to each of the three classic pillars of corporate social responsibility as identified by the British sociologist and economist J. Elkington in the 1990s and then elaborated in the theory known as the „Triple Bottom Line“ (economic sustainability, social sustainability and environmental sustainability).

This survey is part of the Mori 2A Cares project, a new challenge that sees our company engaged in the creation of shared value, a concept introduced in 2011 by Michael Porter and Mark R. Kramer that is based on the idea that business success (profitability) and improvement of social and environmental conditions are intrinsically linked factors.


Economic sustainability is defined as a set of practices aimed at supporting long-term economic growth without having a negative social, environmental and cultural impact on the community.


Mori 2A has always believed that research and innovation are winning choices for the future of a company, which is why we are constantly working on new products to introduce to our catalogue and new technologies to apply.



Our products are made of AISI 304 stainless steel (1.4301), a material suitable for food contact as per Ministerial Decree 21/03/1973. This material guarantees excellent resistance to corrosion, thanks also to the Nickel content which is higher than the minimum required, in compliance with global and specific migration limits.


All the plastic materials we use are suitable for food contact. Our Quality Department frequently checks with suppliers for updated Safety Data Sheets and Declarations of Conformity.


Mori 2A has established an integrated Quality Management System structured as follows:



The use of procedures, sheets and instructions and the guidance of the integrated Quality Manual allow the monitoring of each production and non-production step and the continuous improvement of the management of our processes. All our products are accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity for food contact according to national and European regulations and decrees.


Social sustainability is defined as a set of practices aimed at supporting the community while respecting social diversity.


Mori 2A has always recognised the importance of issues such as personal wellbeing and health safety, which is why in March 2020 we started a new project that ended with the marketing of WeMask, a Class I EC Medical Device (MD) consisting of a reusable, BPA-free plastic frame with a disposable filter.

In addition, over the past year, all precautions related to the Covid-19 pandemic have been taken, from sanitising gel stations located within the company to access control. In order to ensure that we have not overlooked any aspect related to health safety, we chose to fill in the checklist „Monitoring measures to contrast and contain the spread of the covid-19 virus in the workplace“ used by the ATS of Brescia – Lombardy Region for self-assessment purposes.

Well-being is a state that involves not only health safety but all aspects of the human being. Aware of this and driven by the attention to this issue that has always characterised us, we have decided to certify our commitment through the international standard SA 8000 (Social Accountability)[1].

[1]  The certification process will be completed in November 2021.


Mori 2A recognises and embraces the concept of transparency as an intrinsic value of its business reality.

In order to implement this aspect, we are drawing up our organisation’s first Sustainability Report inspired by the GRI global sustainability reporting standards, which, once completed, will be made available on our website.


Mori 2A promotes the creation of a pleasant working environment for the company and its employees, taking into account the differences that characterise each individual and determine their uniqueness. We believe that understanding, valuing and effectively managing these differences can lead to better results and greater collaboration.

We have six different countries of origin and cultures among our employees:

Special attention is also paid to our employees with disabilities, who represent 5.26% of the total.

Within the labour market, ensuring equal opportunities means fighting all forms of discrimination based on gender.

Mori 2A is characterised by a strong female presence, in particular in the offices where all positions of responsibility are held by women.



The protection of diversity and equal opportunities is demonstrated and ensured by the Management System monitored through SA 8000 certification.


Environmental sustainability is a condition of balance, resilience and interconnectedness that enables human society to meet its needs without exceeding the capacity of its supporting ecosystems; in short, it is about ensuring the availability and quality of natural resources.


Mori 2A has been UNI EN ISO 50001:2018 certified for three years, the international standard of reference for energy management systems.

The actions we take are concrete: in January 2020, for example, in collaboration with one of our suppliers, we improved the energy efficiency of the parts washing process by adopting an innovative technology in the drying phase. This resulted in a 30% reduction in emissions related to electricity consumption.

Our goal is to constantly improve, which is why efficiency actions have also been planned for 2021.

„The approach adopted for the context analysis and the analysis of stakeholders and their needs is appreciable and is correctly included in a wider vision of the Company’s Sustainability Strategy“.

Auditor SGS Italy Spa, November 2020


The waste generated by our production at the Nuvolento plant is carefully identified by means of an EWC code, collected and disposed of within the timeframe and in the manner required by the relevant regulations.

Furthermore, there is a chemical-physical purification plant inside the company that ensures that the water is properly cleaned. Once purified, the water is introduced into a pond: the environmental balance of the fauna and flora are important indicators that certify its healthiness. Finally, the water is reintroduced into the water network.

Conversely, the production of plastic injection moulded articles generates no particular waste. Products rejected by our quality control are reground for new production.

Mori 2A has put on its agenda for the next two years the evaluation and start of the certification process UNI EN ISO 14001:2004, a reference standard for the voluntary adoption and development of measures to protect the environment, such as energy saving, climate protection and waste disposal.


At present, Mori 2A does not have complete data on the emissions it generates, either directly or indirectly.

For this reason, in January 2022, with the support of an external consultancy agency, we will start the process of calculating our Carbon Footprint, a useful parameter not only to assess and quantify the emission impacts on climate change in the context of sector policies, but also to monitor the environmental and energy efficiency of our facilities.