05 April 2017

Focus: market trend

Bullish trend for Tritan ® and copolyesters
The Market of TRITAN®, PET and copolyesters have seen increasing demands for February this week. The recorded values on the Import Prices have recorded new increases In the first of March, in line with the rise in costs of raw materials on all European markets, Asian and North African.
Increases of polypropylene and polyethylene in EuropeThe March offers have emerged with increases of € 50-60/ton representing almost double the increase in the ethylene contract, in particular of LDPE and LLDPE. Also PP prices have recorded a new round of increases as sellers continue with their bullish price policy for March.  Polystyrene price is now to historic highs in Europe.

Nickel and Extra Alloy
In order to better understand the current dynamics of the nickel and the repercussions of these changes on the alloy surcharge values ​​for Asisi 305 we show this table.

In the table it is clear the fluctuation of chromium iron starting from the beginning of 2017, where lower average nickel value corresponds to a higher value of extra alloy. The aim of the table is to show the effect on extra alloy caused by the decreasing value of nickel in recent days, going from 11,000 US dollars to the current share of $ 10,150. The table, in terms of the calculation of the extra alloy in April, already includes the $ 10,150 value of this morning and indeed it is assumed as if it remained stable throughout the reference period for calculating alloy extra alloy in April (in fact it will remain at the same value until March 20 about). So we can say the following assumptions:

  • The persistence of nickel at $ 11,000 would have meant an extra alloy for April of around 1,480/1,490 €/ton, so would impose further increases in the price of the material.
  • The return of the nickel to a „normal“ value will reduce the impact on extra alloy in April 2017, bringing it more or less to the share of February 2017, so prices will vary slightly for the moment.
  • If the nickel will remain