08 März 2019

The traceability of Mori 2A products is a further guarantee for our customers

All MORI2A articles are produced according to procedures that comply with the requirement of „Traceability“ according to the regulation n.2023/2006 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) which consists in systems for the identification of the production and processing phases that contribute to produce a product.
Traceability starts from the coding of the raw material, ensuring, in case of non-compliance in future, its identification. Subsequently, during the transformation phase of raw materials, various data are recorded: date, personnel, equipment used, set process parameters that will allow to identify any anomalies in the production process.
Traceability also enables the control of outgoing semi-finished products. In sequence it is therefore possible identifying all the points of the traceability system, always with the aim of guaranteeing the backward route (back-traceability) and the possibility of identifying the cause of a non-conformity.
The production line batch and traceability points must be related to an identification of a homogeneous group of products.
The aim is to ensure that products keep track of their own history.
How? Using „footprints“, i.e. the documentation collected by the various operators involved in the production process in order to isolate a production batch in case of emergency, and allow the producer and the control bodies who have the duty to supervise the food safety of the citizen, to manage and control any situations of danger through the knowledge of the various production processes.
Traceability of materials and products is therefore guaranteed at all stages to facilitate the monitoring of the production process, the recall of defective products and at the same time giving information to consumers and in case of a non-compliance attributing the responsibility to the relevant parties.