27 Oktober 2016

Mori 2A believes in innovation – SUPERNOVA FESTIVAL 2016

Mori 2A has made innovation and researchone of itsstrengths. That’swhy, in the interests of growth and development, sponsored Isinnova during the Supernova Festival – Brescia in 2016 that, registeringaround 50,000 attendance, was an incredible showcase of start-ups, technology, innovative ideas and products. Thanks to the synergiesdeveloped over the years Mori 2A is a perfecttechnology partner for the development of new products, attentive to customerneeds and the market.

With Brix modular brick, create and patented by Isinnova (www.isinnova.it) you can buildhouses and structures in fast time and safety. The structurewasbuilt by hand and iscompletelyearthquake-proof. The build time was of 6.5 hours, while the disassemblytookabout 3.5 hours.

EVENT VIDEO:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyFZ_H5q1xI

WEB SITE BRIX: http://www.brixsystem.com/

WEB SITE ISINNOVA: http://isinnova.it/