07 Mai 2021

MOA CONTAINERS – The new way to experience the professional kitchen at home.

Chefs, foodbloggers and professionals of the sector have projected us into a new way of living the kitchen: our home environment has increasingly taken on the characteristics of a professional kitchen.

A trend confirmed by the constant search for high quality, functional and at the same time design components and accessories.

The new Gastronorm line by MOA DESIGN was born with the idea to satisfy these new needs and to personalize even more the domestic environment.

These containers, combined with their hermetic lids, are characterized not only by the choice of a lightweight, resistant and reusable material such as polypropylene, but also by a variety of bright colors.

The great attention given to design, makes these containers particularly beautiful to look at, so that they can be placed on the worktop to give a touch of personality to our kitchen.

Functional and practical for food storage and preparation, MOA Gastronorm containers have been designed to customize even different environments of the house: the use of bright, vibrant and trendy colors makes them multifunctional items, thus becoming an integrated part of home design.

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