02 April 2020

FCC March 2020

European Commission (EC) holds meeting reviewing draft regulatory texts for 15th and 16th amendment of plastics regulation 10/2011 and for plastic food contact materials (FCMs) recycling regulation; contemplates regulatory options for novel FCMs including plastics with bamboo fibers

The European Commission (EC) published documents from a meeting held by the working group on food contact materials (FCM). The meeting facilitated discussions on many developing regulatory topics related to FCMs in the EU including amendments to the plastic FCM regulation (EU) No 10/2011, phthalates in FCMs, recycling plastic FCMs, and managing newly encountered FCMs including plastics containing bamboo and corn flours.
Regarding regulation No 10/2011 on plastic FCMs, the EC published presentation from the meeting introducing the 15th amendment to the regulation, which includes clarifications on changes to application of specific migration limits, detection limits, and testing of appliances and equipment, among others. The EC expects the amendment to enter into force in June 2020 with a six-month transition period before applying to new FCMs on the market, and a one-year transition period before applying to existing products on the market. The group also addressed an upcoming 16th amendment to the regulation that included: presentations and discussions on wood as well as corn/bamboo flour in plastic FCMs, a possible approach to biocides, and introduction of a template for declarations of compliance (DoC).

U.S. senators and representatives present wide-ranging bill to address plastic pollution; aims to extend producer responsibility, implement nationwide container refund system, phase out single-use plastic items, increase minimum recycled content

Four U.S. representatives and senators debuted a bill set to be introduced into the U.S. Congress and House of Representatives that would amend the current Solid Waste Disposal Act with the aim to restrict production and use of single-use plastics, enhance extended producer responsibility, and prevent consumer products and packaging from entering the environment and food chains.
Titled the ‘Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act of 2020,’ it is an updated version of an earlier draft bill circulated for public comment in November 2019 by Tom Udall, a senator from the state of New Mexico.