OVER 170.000


Mori 2A is sensitive to the ecology theme: the factory has introduced at every phase of production, the most innovative instruments which guarantee environmental protection. The production cycle provides for a treatment of substances which are present in the gaseous current passing through the scrubber, a part of the equipment which demolishes the concentration of micro-polluting acids.

Water sewage, following on from various work processes, is treated by means of a chemical – physical depuration system.
After treatment and the first reintroduction into the water system, water is involved inside a small lake populated by fish fauna, whose vitality guarentees the positive result of the depuration process. With regard to the water used in the work process containing the most dangerous acids and chemical substances and where internal disposal is impossible, Mori 2A makes use of a specialized company, investing part of its own resources in the treatment of over 170.000 litres of industrial sewages.

Energy policy

In carrying out its business, Mori 2A S.r.l. pursues goals of continuous improvement, sustainable growth and satisfaction of all stakeholders (Employees, Customers, Institutions, etc.).
Mori 2A S.r.l. recognizes that energy plays a strategic role in its activities and is aware that proper energy management is the most effective solution to reduce climate change costs and emissions, while generating economic and environmental benefits.
For this reason Mori 2A S.r.l. has defined the present Energy Policy, which is oriented towards continuous improvement of energy performance, energy efficiency and energy savings and the reduction of CO 2 emissions, related to the activities carried out within the production site.

This Policy is carried out through the pursuit of the following strategic principles:

  • Respect the current legislation and the reference legislation in the energy field;
  • Design energy-efficient processes and services;
  • Purchase and use in its production process products and services that minimize energy impacts;
  • Identify the activities and / or areas responsible for energy consumption, in order to find out potential actions to improve energy efficiency;
  • Implement and maintain an energy management system, compliant with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 50001 standard aimed at continuous improvement of the plant’s energy performance;
  • Improve employee awareness for a rational use of energy through training and information activities;
  • Communicate the results achieved through the Energy Management System to the interested parties and involve them in the process of continuous improvement.

The Management defines objectives and energy goals aimed at improving the energy performance of the company and provides adequate information and resources for their achievement. These goals involve all areas, activities and processes within the company, are measurable and are consistent with this Policy, which represents the framework reference for their definition and review.
The Company Management makes all the resources and information available, as they are necessary to implement the Energy Policy and the achievement of energy objectives, and periodically reviews their effectiveness.

Since ever, the devotion to work, the updating of technological processes, the constant research of new production impulses contradistinguish Mori 2A. A philosophy that during the years has been prized with many important awards.